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Kiki Fantroy

Age 21

31 Jul 2019
Miami-Dade County, Florida (USA)

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Kiki Fantroy
Kiki Fantroy [photo:]

Kiki was reportedly shot shortly after 4:30 a.m. Wednesday in an area not far from her home. She died in hospital.

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. - Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers is seeking information about the shooting death of a transgender woman that occurred in southwest Miami-Dade County.

The shooting was reported shortly after 4:30a.m. Wednesday in the area of Southwest 224th Street and 115th Court. Police said the victim, identified as Marquis "Kiki" Fantroy, was shot in the upper torso. She was taken to a local hospital, where she died. Fantroy's mother and other relatives fear she was targeted for her gender identity.

"I don't know what to believe. I don't know what to believe," Rhonda Comer said. "I never wanted to bury none of my kids."

Comer said Fantroy was just a few minutes from her home when she was killed.

Subsequently William Watson, 17, was arrested after being identified by a witness as the person who shot her.

Miami, Aug. 8 (EFEUSA) .- A 17-year-old was arrested as the alleged perpetrator of the shooting death of a transsexual woman in Miami-Dade County on July 31, local media reported Thursday.

A witness to the death of Marquis "Kiki" Fantroy identified William Watson, 17, as the person who fired the gunshots that killed him, according to county police.

Watson has been detained since Monday and has been charged with second-degree murder and attempted murder.

Witnesses told police, the young man, who is African American as his victim, had a discussion in the street of the Goulds neighborhood with someone who, along with Fantroy and others, was returning from a party in the early morning.

According to police, the discussion went up in tone and Watson pulled out a gun and first shot the person identified as "Victim Bell" and then chased and shot Fantroy several times, who was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital where they took her Emergency services

So far the police have not cataloged the case as a "hate crime", which means an aggravating point of view from the judicial point of view, although Fantroy's mother, Rhonda Comer, has publicly claimed that her daughter was attacked for being transgender.

"I think she was killed because of her desire to be a woman," the mother told a Miami newspaper.

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