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Jordan Cofer

Age 22

4 Aug 2019
Dayton, Ohio (USA)

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Jordan Cofer
Jordan Cofer [photo:]

Jordan was one of the victims of the Ohio mass shooting on Sunday 4th August. The perpetrator - his brother - was shot dead at the scene by police.

A victim of the Ohio mass shooting and sibling of the shooter, Jordan Cofer, has been revealed to be a transgender man by friends who say he has been deadnamed by the media.

The 22-year-old was among nine people killed in the attack in Dayton, Ohio on Sunday (August 4), but has been widely misgendered and deadnamed by police and the media. He has been labelled as the “sister” of Connor Bretts, the perpetrator of the tragedy.

A close friend of Cofer’s told Splinter over Twitter DM that he actually identified as a transgender man.

“Jordan was my closest friend,” the anonymous friend said. “He identified with he/him pronouns to people he trusted and knew would support him. Jordan was probably one of the sweetest people you would ever meet, a true saint, but he was also very scared constantly. He tried to give the best to everyone.”

According to his friend, Cofer was not out to his family, including his brother.

Cofer was one of the first of his brother’s victims. It is unclear to police if Betts intended to kill him or if Cofer was attempting to stop his brother from killing more people.

Jordan's Twitter and Tumblr accounts are and respectively.

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