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Cris García Aponte

Age 34

9 Aug 2019
Huaquillas, El Oro (Ecuador)
Possible suicide

Cris García Aponte
Cris García Aponte [photo:]

Cris was found dead at home after reportedly ingesting poison. Blood was found on her face and her death is considered suspicious.

On Monday the Ecuadorian Federation of LGBTI Organizations denounced "the violent death" and asked for investigation of the death of a transsexual woman in the province of El Oro, in the south of the country, shortly after the possible murders of two other trans [women] in Ecuador became known.

In a statement signed by several leaders of the collective, the discovery of the lifeless body of the woman, identified as Cris García and 34, was reported last Saturday [10th August] at her home in the Los Ceibos sector of the Huaquillas canton, in the aforementioned border province with Peru.

Diane Rodríguez, the Director of the local Association Silhouette X and President of the Ecuadorian Federation of LGBTI Organizations - which brings together about forty associations - released several photographs in which the victim is allegedly seen lying on a bed face up and with apparent traces of blood on her face.

"The victim was found by her sister and apparently death occurred a day before, since the body was found in a state of decomposition," the letter said.

The relative suggested that her sister had ingested poison, arguing that she had told friends before that she was going to make the "fatal decision," the text said in reference to the fact that she had expressed a desire to end her life.

The sister of the deceased clarified that Cris faced depression, the product of a possible emotional breakdown, which may have led her to commit suicide.

However, Darwin Romero and Cesar Condoy, members of the LGBT Association of Huaquillas and the Federation at the national level said that no evidence of possible poisoning was found at the scene and that the body was found lying in bed, naked and in dorsal recumbency [lying on her back].

These last and strange circumstances have led the leaders of the Ecuadorian LGTB collective to suspect that it could have been a new case of violent death of a trans [woman].

"We ask authorities such as the National Police, Prosecutor's Office and the Judicial Council to investigate the case, so that they can find the guilty party(s) of this execrable fact and bring justice with all the rigor of the law," says the statement.

Chris was an active member of the LGTBI community of the Huaquillas canton and worked as a stylist.

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