TDoR 2019 / 2019 / August / 12 / Sara Miranda de Souza ("Tayla")

Sara Miranda de Souza ("Tayla")

Age 41

12 Aug 2019
Vila Esperança, Sao Paulo (Brazil)

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Sara Miranda de Souza ("Tayla")
Sara Miranda de Souza ("Tayla") [photo:]

Tayla was stabbed in the neck after an argument. Police arrested Vitor Henrique, 22, near the scene of the murder.

A [trans woman] was killed with two stab wounds to her neck in Frutal on Monday, 12, at Raul José Miziara Street, Vila Esperança neighborhood.

According to police, the main suspect in the crime is a man who was seen in the company of the victim moments before the murder. Vitor Henrique, 22, known as Vitinho, was arrested in the act by the PM shortly after the crime, hiding in his maternal grandmother's house near the scene.

He had bloodstains on his legs and feet and carried a four-inch knife. When questioned he confessed to causing the injuries that caused the death of the victim.

Two witnesses said they saw the victim and suspect fighting. Before stabbing the victim, Vitor punched and kicked her when she was already lying on the ground. Previously they had gone to a 24-hour shop together for a drink but after returning they argued.

Information from witnesses is that the victim used the social names Tayla and Sara Miranda. She was identified by birth name as [deadname] de Souza, 41 years old.

Report added: 15 Aug 2019. Last updated: 13 Jan 2021

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