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Yuri Gabriel Castro Farias

Age 20
6 Sep 2019
Fortaleza, Ceará (Brazil)

Yuri Gabriel Castro Farias

Yuri was approached by three men, tied to a pole and executed with three shots to the head. Afterwards his killers dragged his body up the street.

A 20-year-old trans man had his body dragged down the street and was shot three times in the head last night (6) in the Pici neighborhood of Fortaleza (CE). Police believe the case is related to drug trafficking in the region, but do not rule out the possibility that the crime may be linked to homophobia. The case is under investigation by the 11th Police District of Fortaleza.

Yuri Gabriel Castro Farias Praciano, the victim's social name, was approached by three men, tied to a pole and executed with three shots to the head. After being shot, the body was dragged a few meters from Rua Álvares Maciel, according to the SSPDS (Secretariat of Public Security and Social Defense).

Police confirmed that the victim had tickets for drug trafficking. Witnesses who saw Praciano tied to the pole called Ciops (Integrated Security Operations Coordination) to report the case. Police went to the scene and found the body.

The UOL report found a local merchant who was at the scene at the time of the crime. "I didn't see what happened, but I heard a lot of screams. People were scared," said Jeferson Alves. The report also spoke to a cousin of Praciano, but he said the family would not comment on the incident.

Report added: 8 Sep 2019. Last updated: 13 Nov 2019. Source ref: tgeu/6-Sep-2019/Yuri Gabriel Castro Farias

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