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Médely Razard

Age 15

20 Sep 2019
Itaquaquecetuba, São Paulo (Brazil)
Beaten and strangled

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Médely Razard
Médely Razard [photo:]

Médely was beaten, raped and strangled with wire.

The body of a 15-year-old was found on a plot of land on Estrada do Pinheirinho, in the Estância Guatambu neighborhood of Itaquaquecetuba, on Friday morning.

[possible deadname] da Silva Bezerra Santos was naked and gagged, according to police.

"We arrived here, the [victim] was naked, without any clothes, with shorts on [their] head and signs of asphyxiation," said Alexandre Geraldo, corporal of the Military Police who attended the incident.

[Médely]'s sister-in-law said she last saw [them] on Thursday night (19) saying [they were] going to a friend's house.

In November 2019 Samuel de Carvalho, 35, was indicted for Médely's murder.

The Homicide and Protection of Persons Sector (SHPP) of the Mogi das Cruzes Police Dept. (Demacro) has indicted 35-year-old Samuel de Carvalho for the murder of 15-year-old transgender adolescent [possible deadname] da Silva Bezerra Santos. The crime occurred two months ago, in the Estância Guatambu neighborhood of Itaquaquecetuba. The accused had the temporary arrest decreed on the morning of Thursday (21). He will be tried for double-qualified murder and body concealment, and can be sentenced to 30 years in private jail.

According to the SHPP, the man was classified as "one of the most dangerous criminals in Alto Tietê". He has a vast criminal record involving drug trafficking, theft and theft. He was currently also being investigated for a rape and has been convicted of murder - robbery followed by death.

[Médely] was killed around 10 pm on September 19. [Their] body was found naked and gagged on a wasteland located on Pinheirinho Road, near the Ayrton Senna highway. Forensic evidence showed that the victim was raped and pointed to the cause of death as mechanical strangulation.

According to Rubens José Angelo, chief deputy who investigated the case, the perpetrator was located after intense investigative work. “This is a cold, calculating and extremely dangerous person who needed to be removed from society,” he says.

Images from area security cameras showed the perpetrator and the victim walking together toward the crime scene terrain. Samuel left the scene alone about 50 minutes later. The recordings were presented to witnesses, who confirmed the identity of the accused.

According to the team, the man confessed to knowing the victim and being present at the crime scene. The motivations of the crime are not clear to the team, which does not rule out possible homophobic connotations. The accused's modus operanti, who was already investigated for strangling victims during the rape, was acknowledged in the incident. Samuel denies involvement in the case, but did not allow his genetic material to be collected for analysis.

Médely's Facebook account is

Note that the contents of Médely's Facebook account suggest she was either in transition or had a nonbinary, genderfluid or similar identity, so they/them pronouns are used in this report. If additional information becomes available, this post will be updated accordingly.

Report added: 21 Sep 2019. Last updated: 13 Jan 2021

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