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Name Unknown

23 Sep 2019
Jujuy (Argentina)
Died in custody

Name Unknown

The victim died in hospital after setting fire to the mattress inside her cell. Four officers have been relieved of duty.

An investigation continues into the death of a trans woman who set fire to the mattress inside a cell of the 31st Section of Coronel Arias neighborhood.

During the early hours of Monday, September 23, according to the official version, a mattress was set on fire and [the victim] suffered severe burns, later dying in the Soria hospital.

On the afternoon of Tuesday, September 24, at the Judicial Morgue, an autopsy was performed and according to forensic expertise, the preliminary report indicates that the cause of death was "lung injuries from the inhalation of hot air."

They took samples of blood, vitreous humor, gastric contents, viscera and bronchial fluid, for the subsequent histopathological examination.

In a dialogue with El Tribuno de Jujuy, the Chief of Police, Guillermo Corro, confirmed that the 4 troops who were on duty were removed from their positions in order to advance criminal and administrative investigations.

"It is necessary to see if the protocol was not fulfilled or if it was badly implemented," he said regarding the fact that the victim apparently had set fire to a mattress with a match.

She had been isolated in a cell after being caught driving while intoxicated, crashing and resisting the police; During the early morning, according to the official version, a mattress was set on fire and she had suffered severe burns. She died after 2 pm on Monday at the Pablo Soria hospital.

Report added: 14 Nov 2019. Last updated: 27 Nov 2019

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