TDoR 2020 / 2019 / October / 04 / Maninha


4 Oct 2019
Curitiba, Paraná (Brazil)

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Maninha's body was found alongside the Belém River in the Uberaba neighborhood. Her hands and feet were tied with telephone cable.

On October 5, a black [trans woman] was found dead in the Uberaba neighborhood of Curitiba. The victim had her feet tied beside the Belém River and near the Donatilla dos Anjos Municipal School. The [trans woman] wore black denim shorts, black blouse and camouflage jacket. The victim had the body collected by the Forensic Medical Institute and was identified as “Maninha”, from the Boqueirão neighborhood of Curitiba.

An unidentified woman was found dead lying on a river between the Uberaba and Hauer neighborhoods in Curitiba. According to information from the Homicide and Personnel Protection Division (DHPP), the victim had her feet and hands tied with a kind of telephone cord. The body was found by a resident on Friday afternoon (4). The woman was found dead on Avenida Canal Belém, on the banks of the stream that divides the Uberaba and Hauer neighborhoods. According to witnesses, the woman was lying in vegetation, with a lot of garbage scattered around.

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