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Name Unknown

4 Oct 2019
Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco (Mexico)

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Name Unknown

The victim's body was found lying on the floor in a pile of blankets. About a meter away there were bloodstains and a knife on the floor.

The [person] who was violently murdered inside an apartment in the Loma Bonita neighborhood and whose body was found yesterday morning Friday, was a [trans woman], according to a neighbor in the building where they lived today.

Yesterday it was reported to the municipal police that in a department of the building marked with the number 937 of the rua Francisco I Madero of the Loma Bonita neighborhood, foul smells came out, so that the place was visited by officers of the PV-336 patrol to verify the report.

Upon entering, with the consent of the administrator, they saw that everything in the department was messy and that, about five meters from the entrance, on the bottom of the floor, on the floor, was a pile of blankets and clothes and there you could see the face of a body, and that about a meter away there were blood stains, as well as a knife on the floor, between the corpse and the bed.

Report added: 18 Oct 2019. Last updated: 13 Jan 2021

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