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Paola Araújo

Age 31

6 Oct 2019
Teresina, Piauí (Brazil)

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Paola Araújo
Paola Araújo [photo:]

Paola was shot dead by a group of unidentified assailants on the BR-316 highway near the beauty salon where she worked.

A [trans woman] identified as Paola Araújo, 31, was shot dead on Sunday night (6) on BR-316, near the Porto Alegre balloon in the southern Teresina area. She was shot in the neck, in the face and in the right chest, and died at about 23h40.

Witnesses reported that she was sitting on the road when the suspect approached and fired the shots. The crime scene, according to police, is a point of prostitution. Nothing was taken from the victim.

According to police, the [victim] had a hair salon in the Porto Alegre neighborhood.

“We know it's a person who worked, had a beauty salon but at night was [doing sex work]. The individuals arrived, fired five to six shots and she was hit by three, ”said DHPP coordinating chief Francisco Costa, Baretta.

Paola's died about 300 meters from her beauty salon, located on Porto Alegre's main avenue.

Paola was an activist who advocated on behalf of trans people in Teresina.

An graduate of the class of 2010 at the Federal University of Piauí, [Paola] Araújo was tireless against any form of discrimination and violence of the group she defended. She was active, vigilant and never gave up fighting. She cherished happiness, and that's how she went to the streets to fight for her rights.

Her family is unaware of any threats that she suffered and believes that the homicide was motivated by transphobia.

"Paola leaves here a great legacy of coping with the actions of prejudice and discrimination that she encountered on her way, she had her life brutally ended with gunshots," said an activist companion, who hopes that those guilty of her death will be punished under the law.

Paola's Facebook profile is

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