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Marcelino Soler Fernández (Soledad Fernández)

Age 42

7 Oct 2019
Zanja Pytá, Amambay (Paraguay)

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Marcelino Soler Fernández (Soledad Fernández)
Marcelino Soler Fernández (Soledad Fernández) [photo:]

Marcelino was shot 9 times on the street by a man who followed them and a co-worker. Prior to detransitioning Marcelino had lived as a trans woman named Soledad.

Soledad Fernández, 42, was murdered on Monday, October 7 at night behind Villa del Sol, a closed condominium on the way to the town of Zanja Pyta, a neighbor of Pedro Juan Caballero (Amambay). Soledad, trans who towards the end of his life asked to be renamed Marcelino Soler, was accompanied by Leonardo Miranda De Oliveira when a hooded cis man began to follow them. According to Miranda's later statements, the man told them it was an assault but immediately shot Soledad.

Panambí activist Yren Rotela said the following about the victim:

“I met Soledad in 2009 because I was a reference for Panambi in Pedro Juan Caballero at that time. That year she was doing a job with the population there. She was also a health promoter, I know she went through many things, ”said Yren and said that since she became involved in evangelism she began to change her gaze towards the collective. In the Church they told her that because she was a [trans woman], "he lived as he lived."

“I understand that when one clings to life looking for some way to survive. Many times, when you live in a context, being trans women, we have no work alternative, we have no studies and we have to endure a lot of violence, discrimination. Doors close on you a lot. She went into depression and sought refuge in spirituality. Which seems very good to me, but that made her return to her socially affected male identity, ”recalls Yren.

A week ago Yren Rotela and Mariana Sepúlveda celebrated the ruling of the Court of Justice of Luque for the transfemicide of her partner, Romina Vargas. The conviction of Blas Amarilla, in Romina's case, marked a milestone in the Paraguayan Justice as it was the first conviction for the murder of a trans person in Paraguay.

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