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Anahí Miranda Rivas

Age 27

26 Oct 2019
San Salvador (El Salvador)

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Anahí Miranda Rivas
Anahí Miranda Rivas [photo:]

Anahí was kidnapped and strangled. Her body was then thrown from a vehicle and dumped in front of a nightclub.

Yesterday friends and family buried the remains of Anahy Rivas, a transsexual woman who was killed early Saturday morning and her body abandoned in front of a nightclub [named Kairos] on Bulevar Los Héroes in San Salvador.

One of Anahy's friends reported yesterday during the funeral that men in a van arrived alongside where the victim was (by the Benjamin Bloom hospital) and the occupants grabbed her by force and drove off.

"The men did not manage to get her fully into the vehicle when it began to move so that her legs dragged along the ground. She was held that for a journey of almost five kilometers," said the friend.

While in the vehicle she was suffocated with her own hair band. When she appeared to be dead, her kidnappers threw her on the pavement.

In December 2019 Juan Carlos Hernández Vásquez, 40, was arrested for her murder and released on bail. In January 2020 a second arrest warrant was issued.

A video surveillance system allowed investigators to locate the vehicle of the accused. With the information that the system offered the authorities and the tracking of his cell phone, the authorities followed up the suspect until he was arrested early Wednesday when he was just leaving his home, in the El Carmen canton, in the Escalón neighborhood, to the west of San Salvador.

The accused, although he has a criminal record against him, said the prosecutor of the case, are not for felonies.

The only thing that the authorities have not yet established is the motive of the murderer of taking Anahí's life. "We can not establish a possible mobile because we do not have a witness, you can not know if the victim and the accused was already known, all that will be part of the investigation," explained the prosecutor.

“That is a hate crime that can be reflected by being a person of different preferences. We want justice, ”a leader of the guild of transsexuals, the authorities and especially the National Civil Police and the Attorney General's Office of the Republic claimed.

The initial hearing in the trial of Vásquez took place in March 2021. In October 2023 he was convicted of Anahi's murder and sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Report added: 29 Oct 2019. Last updated: 31 Oct 2023

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