TDoR 2020 / 2019 / October / 26 / La Chico Chirinos

La Chico Chirinos

Age 49

26 Oct 2019
La Plata, Buenos Aires (Argentina)

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La Chico Chirinos
La Chico Chirinos [photo:]

La Chico was attacked from behind and stabbed multiple times. Their killer was subsequently arrested.

The black and white video that captures the death of La Chicho Chirinos, a 49-year-old trans [person], is from a funeral home. The killer, Tomás Cerletti, attacks from behind, kicks, then stabs again. The vile is felt in [surveillance footage] without sound. La Chicho falls to the ground, but Cerletti keeps stabbing the knife several more times. Until he leaves her lying and leaves.

It was Saturday, October 26 at dawn [on calle 2, between calle 41 and 42] in the area of ​​the La Plata bus terminal. Someone called 911. The crime had occurred on the sidewalk, with no intention of hiding.

The director of the San Martín Hospital, Alberto Urban, explained: He entered at 4.45am on Saturday, and died of hypovolemic shock in the early hours of Sunday. That is to say: she bled to death because of the stab wounds.

Cerletti is 22 years old and is imprisoned, accused of manslaughter doubly qualified for cruelty and abuse . The police officer found it easy: they just had to follow the blood and came to a door. When they opened it they saw a man washing bloody clothes. He was the father of Thomas.

There were also weapons in the building: a 22 calibre carbine; a 12 calibre shotgun; a 22 calibre revolver (all three without visible numbering); a gun and three loaders; projectiles of different caliber; two 5 and a half compressed air rifles, and two pot plants. In the nursery with the plants was the knife with which Tomás Cerletti had killed, minutes ago, La Chicho. A cause for arms possession was opened to the father.

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