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Brighiit Mirón

Age 15

9 Nov 2019
La Gomera, Escuintla (Guatemala)

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Brighiit Mirón
Brighiit Mirón [photo:]

Brighiit was shot in the head at around 11pm on 9th November. She and one of her friends had previously been threatened.

Brighiit Mirón, a 15-year-old transgender teenager, was killed on November 9 with a bullet in the head in the Chipilapa neighborhood, in La Gomera, a municipality in the department of Escuintla in central-southern Guatemala, 47 kilometers from the city [of Escuintla].

Brighiit had been last seen at a fair in the town center. At around eleven o'clock at night neighbors heard gunshots from behind the local church and alerted Volunteer Firefighters of the 60 company of La Gomera. Upon arrival, firefighters found her body lifeless. Brighiit was buried in the General Cemetery # 2 of La Gomera, Escuintla.

A friend, who asked not to be identified, told Presentes that both had been threatened. As soon as they heard the news [of her death], they decided to flee the area for fear of meeting the same fate. Another person who met her told [Presentes] that Brighiit lived with her mother and five younger siblings. They added that she was a charismatic, kind, affectionate person, and although she was engaged in sex work her dream was to be a professional makeup artist.

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