TDoR 2020 / 2019 / November / 13 / Gisela Corvalán ("Yiyila")

Gisela Corvalán ("Yiyila")

Age 47

13 Nov 2019
Santiago del Estero (Argentina)

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Gisela Corvalán ("Yiyila")
Gisela Corvalán ("Yiyila") [photo:]

Gisela sustained multiple stab wounds in an attack at her home on Monday 19th August. She died in hospital on Wednesday 13th November.

Those who entered the house of Gisela Corvalán, 47, did not steal anything but still stabbed her many more times than necessary to kill. Gisela lived alone in Los Miranda, a town of 100 inhabitants north of the capital of Santiago del Estero. On August 19, after being stabbed 9 times, she somehow survived spending 12 hours bleeding and alone. The months that followed were spent between coma and intensive therapy, receiving transfusions difficult to obtain because her blood group is uncommon (rhesus negative). Last night [13th November] she died.

This Saturday the march of pride that will be held in Santiago del Estero will have as its main slogan "Justice for Gisela".

A suspect was arrested.

“The information we have is that the defendant is being held at a Termas de Río Hondo police station and that he has already had a record because of conflicts with other people. He apparently was with one or two other people whose stories contradict each other and the only thing that was stolen was her ID. They took it to support their story that they had gone their to rob her it but in reality they were with the intention of killing her. That indicates that it was an attack of hate, ” Luisa Lucía Paz, president of ATTTA (Association of Transvestites, Transsexuals and Transgenders of Argentina) told Red Harvest .

Gisela was nicknamed Yiyila and was part of a family of eight brothers who respected her trans identity. She dedicated herself to taking care of sick people and her relatives remember her as a rather introverted person, who had no dramas with the neighbors or environment. Although she was not an activist, she used to participate in training and care talks aimed at the T community.

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