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Jerrika Rivas Ruíz

Age 28

16 Nov 2019
Los Mártires, Bogotá, Distrito Capital (Colombia)

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Jerrika Rivas Ruíz
Jerrika Rivas Ruíz [photo:]

Jerrika was reportedly killed during after a fight with another trans woman.

She was originally from Palmira in Valle de Cauca but had been living in Bogotá for at least 5 years.

In Palmira they were finally able to locate Jerrika's family, the Afro trans woman who was murdered in Bogotá and who had not been fully identified from the documents she was carrying. She met her death at 3am this Saturday in [Bogotá].

Jerrika, [deadname] Rivas Ruiz first name, was 28 years old and had been living in Bogotá for at least five years.

In the project Todos Somos Buenos, she herself talking about having fallen into drug use and becoming a street dweller.

She recovered for a while, but TuBarco was able to learn that she was living on the streets again. She could not completely get away from alcohol, and not having been able to get a stable job complicated her intention to get ahead.

The Subdirectorate for LGBTI Affairs of the Mayor's Office of Bogotá confirmed to this website that Jerrika died in the middle of a fight "with another trans woman" the center of the town of Los Mártires. The murderer has fled and is being searched for by the police.

Jerrika had left Palmira as she wanted to work in a place without being pointed at. She arrived in Cali where she lived for a while but while in this city began to use hallucinogenic substances. When she arrived in Bogotá, she had friends who wanted to help her. They helped her stay in touch with her family in Valle del Cauca, but she did not want to return to her homeland.

Note that some reports name Jerrika as "Yerrika".

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