TDoR 2020 / 2019 / November / 16 / Victoria Pineda

Victoria Pineda

Age 44

16 Nov 2019
San Francisco Menéndez, Ahuachapán (El Salvador)

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Victoria Pineda
Victoria Pineda [photo:]

Victoria's naked body was found lying in the street with her arms open in a "crucifixion" pose . Her face had been disfigured by blows.

She was an activist and community leader.

San Salvador, - Hate crimes against the LGTBI community (lesbians, gays, after, bi and intersex) are civilized by the government and the media in El Salvador, where another 'trans' woman was recently murdered with barbarism.

Victoria's body, whose legal name was [possible deadname] Pineda, dawned lifeless and with signs of torture and vexation in the middle of the street, in what qualifies as a hate crime for her gender identity.

Neither the Attorney General's Office for the Defense of Human Rights, nor the Attorney General's Office nor President Nayib Bukele have yet ruled on this murder, perpetrated in a town in Ahuachapán (west).

The Minister of Culture, Suecy Callejas, referred to the crime by condemning on Twitter 'social violence, especially that which attacks the most vulnerable populations', a message criticized as being lazy and generalizing.

'Dear Sue, let's start by pointing things out by name: they are hate crimes against the LGBTI population. The situation deserves forcefulness in the speech and in the actions', replied the activist Erick Ortiz.

TvT partner organisation: Centro de Apoyo a las Identidades Trans

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