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Mufa Álava

Age 30

29 Nov 2019
Quito (Ecuador)

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Mufa Álava
Mufa Álava [photo:]

Mufa was stabbed around 20 times in her home in the Quitumbe neighborhood. Her body was found by her housemate.

The X Silhouette Association, through the Trans Psycho Center and members of the Ecuadorian Federation of LGBTI Organizations, makes this new fact publicly known to the LGBT community.

Mufa Álava (Legal name: A. Álava), was 30 years old and from from San Vicente, Manabí. She lived in Quito, south in Quitumbe, in the Cdla. Ibarra, along with her friend Tyra Yanyn, who had given her an inn since October following the national strike in Ecuador.

Her friend, Tyra, affirms to the Trans Psycho Center of Quito of the Silhouette X Association, that on Friday, November 29 she went to work in a hairdressing salon as she frequently did and that Mufa stayed in her room. Later Mufa called her because her lunch had run out. When Tyra returned at night, she discovered that her companion Mufa Álava had been murdered and wrapped in a quilt stained with blood, with (according to a preliminary investigation) about 20 stab wounds.

Mufa Álava received a Christian burial this Sunday, December 1, 2019.

We ask the authorities such as the National Police, Prosecutor's Office and the Judiciary Council to carry out the necessary investigations on this case, arrest the fugitives of this terrible murder and put them under the orders of justice.

With the present, from the Runa Sipiy Observatory of Murders and violent deaths of the Silhouette X Association, there are fifteen murders or deaths suspected of criminality in this 2019, of which three are aimed at gay men and twelve at trans women.


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