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Marisol Chacon Vilcacuri

Age 37

6 Dec 2019
Verona, Veneto (Italy)
Run over

Marisol Chacon Vilcacuri

Marisol was run over on the A4 motorway between Verona Sud and Verona Est in Italy on the night of Friday 6th December 2019. The driver failed to stop.

Tragedy in the night between Friday and Saturday, around 4am, on the A4. A 37-year-old Peruvian [trans woman] was mortally wounded by a car on the road towards Venice between the Verona Sud and Verona Est tollbooths, on the fast lane.

The dynamics of the accident is still being examined by the Traffic Police, who intervened on the spot. Also present were the 118 health workers, who intervened with an ambulance, who could only ascertain the death.

The [trans woman], in all probability [a sex worker], died as a result of a serious skull injury: she did not have [identity] documents with her. It is still unclear whether the victim crossed the highway on foot or whether she was dropped off by a car. The driver of the car which hit the trans [woman], did not stop at the scene.

The police identifed the driver who allegedly killed her, a Swiss driver who said he didn't realise he had hit a person and therefore hadn't stopped to ask for help.

If or why Marisol attempted to cross the highway or how she got there remains a mystery. The police are not ruling out the possibility that her body might have been dumped on the road already dead or injured by a third party or that she might have been fleeing from someone who was threatening her and had possibly driven her there.

Italy is one of the countries with the highest number of trans women killed in Europe.

Report added: 31 Jan 2020. Last updated: 14 Feb 2020

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