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Andrea Nayhelli Alonso Ramirez

Age 46

22 Dec 2019
Iztapalapa, Ciudad de Mexico, Estado de México (Mexico)

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Andrea Nayhelli Alonso Ramirez
Andrea Nayhelli Alonso Ramirez [photo:]

Andrea was found dead in her salon by her sister María. Her body showed signs of violence.

María Eugenia found her transsexual sister Andrea Nayhelli dead, inside the salon they have in the Santa Martha Acatitla neighborhood of Iztapalapa.

The victim was last seen alive last Saturday at 9:30 pm when they both closed the premises and said goodbye. On Sunday morning, María Eugenia opened the aesthetic - with a business name "Nayhelli" - and found the place untidy.

When checking in one of the rooms of the premises, the woman found Andrea Nayhelli on the floor and with traces of violence. When she did not answer [María] asked for an ambulance.

There, the paramedics checked the victim, but he had already died, without determining the precise causes of death. According to María Eugenia, her sister Andrea Nayhelli Alonso Ramírez, 46, was a transsexual woman registered as [deadname], who fought for the right of people to choose their sexuality.

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