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Luciana Robledo

Age 32

24 Dec 2019
Buenos Aires (Argentina)

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Luciana Robledo
Luciana Robledo [photo:]

Luciana Robledo's body was found in an apartment on Christmas Eve.

Luciana Robledo was murdered and found on December 24 in a room on block 99 of Villa 31, in the Retiro area of the city of Buenos Aires. The police did not respect her gender identity, identifying her as male and calling her "the transvestite." One person was arrested, but has already been released.

Luciana was 32 years old, was from Paraguay and had lived in Argentina for 8 years. The last time her mother heard from her was on December 22 when they spoke on the phone. Five days later, her partner went to Luciana's friend's house to tell her she was dead. Then the mother began to ask about her and they come to realize that she was dead,” Madelein, a member of the La Rosa Naranja collective , told Presentes.

The owner of the building, a 33-year-old man, and his niece told police that they had heard "shouting and bangs inside one of the rooms on the first floor, door # 2," and then saw "a [trans woman] withdrawing from the place ”(sic).

The police entered the building, knocked at No. 2 but no one answered. They knocked down the door and found Luciana lying on her back on the floor, on a blanket. As she did not react, they called the SAME of the Fernández Hospital for the doctors to verify that she had died. They then searched the area until they found a 35-year-old Peruvian man and arrested him.


Last week, #lucianarobledo was killed at villa 31. Her body was found in a room after the building owner informed the police that they had heard shouting and bangs and saw "a [trans woman] leaving the place", According to Agencia Presentes. While the cause of her death has been registered as "homicide investigation", the police are not respecting her gender identity, calling her, for example "the trasvestido".

The woman, native to Paraguay, had lived in Argentina for eight years. Her mother found out what happened on the phone and asked for help to repatriate her body. She managed to find out that a person had been arrested but had already been freed.

Report added: 8 Jan 2020. Last updated: 13 Jan 2021

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