TDoR 2020 / 2020 / January / 07 / Brenda Landázury

Brenda Landázury

Age 24

7 Jan 2020
Los Mártires, Bogotá (Colombia)

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Brenda Landázury
Brenda Landázury [photo:]

Brenda was stabbed in the street on Tuesday 31st December 2019. She was taken to hospital but fell into a deep coma and died 7 days later.

The location at the intersection of calle 23 with carrera 14 where the beautiful Brenda Landázury, approximately 24 years old, fell was stained with blood after she received a lethal chest wound during a fight. After stabbing her, her killer turned around and watched as Brenda bled out slowly.

People who were with her surrounded her body, practiced first aid and then transferred her to one of the health centers in the area. Doctors on duty managed to stabilize her, but Landazury went into a deep coma and died on January 7.

One of the accounts suggested that on December 31 Brenda wore one of her most elegant costumes and left her home located in the El Tesoro neighborhood of Ciudad Bolívar, to welcome in the new year in the Santa Fe neighborhood, where she did some work in the company of some friends.

Brenda, with the wide smile that characterized her, came to the area and began to move towards one of the corners slowly, as if she were parading down a walkway. Once she arrived she was greeted by her companions, who never imagined that a tragedy was about to happen.

One of the theories is that minutes later the stylist along with her companions decided to leave for the eastern part of the area. Brenda took the lead and when she approached the intersection of calle 23 with carrera 14, an unknown person blocked Brenda's path and began to insult her. According to versions, the criminal blamed her for something and immediately a fight started in the middle of the road.

The fight lasted several minutes until eventually, the attacker took out a sharp knife and stuck it into Brenda's chest, who fell heavily to the floor in the middle of a pool of blood.

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