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Age 21

8 Jan 2020
Alcalá de Guadaira, Seville (Spain)


Lucas died by suicide. His body was found next to a bridge.

Lucas, a 21-year-old trans young man, has taken his own life in Alcalá de Guadaira, in the province of Seville. They have not transcended more details about what happened and in social networks they have spread confusing information about the circumstances that would have surrounded their tragic decision.

The trans young peoples' charity Chrysallis published the following statement:

It has happened again. Again and it should be the last. Once again our voices break from the depths of our being. Today we are invaded again by helplessness, pain and misunderstanding in the face of such subtle hatred. From Chrysallis we claim the right of all trans people to a life free of violence. It is not suicide, it is social murder caused by transphobia.

There are many types of transphobia, there is one that is exercised behind the curtain, which is sneaked, throwing the stone and hiding the hand. There is one that does not even seem transphobic because it hides behind a facade of false understanding and acceptance. This transphobia is also hate and kill.

All people deserve the same opportunities, opportunities to study, work, to fall in love and fall out of love. Build illusions and carry them out, or not, but keep that illusion as a possibility that can happen to us, that can accompany us, that can make us happy. If these illusions encounter obstacles despite having family support and accompaniment, they can vanish and give way to despair.

We never tire of repeating again and again that transphobia kills.

We denounce this society, saturated with conventions, stereotypes and absurd beliefs that reproduce in an endless cycle and must cease. We demand an end to all types of hatred and violence, including that under cover of goodism. We invite reflection, to all those people who, hidden by the intimacy of what is cooked in the kitchens of their homes, think innocent and exculpate and lament in the distance and behind the walls.

We claim protection. We families alone cannot. A society with public and legal structures that guarantee a happy and full life in rights for trans people is essential.

Once again from Chrysallis we shout: IT IS NOT SUICIDE, IT IS SOCIAL MURDER!

Report added: 11 Jan 2020. Last updated: 14 Feb 2020

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