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Tamara Khatamzhonov

Age 23

13 Jan 2020
Kirovsky District, Leningrad Oblast (Russia)

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Tamara Khatamzhonov
Tamara Khatamzhonov [photo:]

Tamara's dismembered body was found in the Reka Mga [Mga River] on Tuesday 16th June. She had been missing since February.

Investigators were able to identify the young [woman] whose dismembered body was found on June 16 in the Mga River in the Kirovsky District of the Leningrad Oblast of Russia. According to the local Outpost portal, a 23-year-old transgender [woman] from Tajikistan was found dead.

Among transgender people she was known as Tamara, and although she had been missing since February this year, her acquaintances did not contact the police.

Earlier, the investigative department of the Leningrad region had reported that on June 16 they removed the body of an unknown [woman], with clear signs of violent death. "Some fragments of the body were detached," the report said. A criminal case has been instituted on this fact under article 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (murder).

In September 2020, Yuri Yanovski, 52, was arrested and confessed to killing her. February 2021 - and despite being convicted - Yanovsky was then released.

A Russian man who brutally killed and dismembered a transgender sex worker from Central Asia has been allowed to walk free on time already served by a St. Petersburg court despite having been found guilty of the crime, media outlets have reported.

On Wednesday, the press secretary of the city’s courts told news agency Lenta that judges in the Vasileostrovsky District had released Yury Yanovsky from custody, crediting his time spent in pre-detention.

The actor had been charged with killing Tamara Khatamzhonov, a 24-year-old transgender sex worker, said to be a native of the former Soviet republic Tajikistan. However, he was later convicted of homicide committed while exceeding the limits of self-defense, and judges ruled that he was to serve one year and ten months behind bars.

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