TDoR 2020 / 2020 / January / 16 / Briyit Michelle Alas Miranda

Briyit Michelle Alas Miranda

Age 21

16 Jan 2020
San Salvador (El Salvador)

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Briyit Michelle Alas Miranda
Briyit Michelle Alas Miranda [photo:]

Briyit's body was found in the area of the Urbina bridge in the Santa Margarita II neighborhood in the north of the city. She had been shot several times

She had probably been killed about 10 hours previously. According to police she was probably killed elsewhere before her body was dumped.

The body of a woman was found Friday in the sector of the Urbina Bridge, between the Santa Margarita colonies, the border zone of Cuscatancingo and Ciudad Delgado, north of San Salvador.

Police authorities revealed that the body corresponds to a young [woman] of approximately 25 years of age, who wore women's clothing and is presumed to be a trans woman.

Forensic doctors explained that the girl was about 10 hours after she died, that she received at least five bullet impacts, but they did not detail if the victim was killed at the scene or if the scene was only used to leave the body.

Police in the area explained that the location has frequently been used to dispose of corpses but did not reveal if they know whether her death was the result of the actions of gang members.

Briyit's Facebook profiles are and [TW: graphic photos]

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