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Name Unknown

16 Jan 2020
Frosinone, Lazio (Italy)
Not reported

Name Unknown

The victim was found dead in her apartment near Frosinone railway station. The cause of her death is not yet known.

It is a mystery about the death of a 50-year-old [some reports say 30] transsexual woman of South American origin who was found dead at home in Frosinone. A neighbor called the police, suspicious after repeatedly knocking on the door.

The agents, once inside, found the woman's body lying on the ground, lifeless. No signs of violence were found on the body. A tragic news that cannot exclude a priori the path of transphobia, as remarked by Francesco Angeli , president of Arcigay Rome.

We learn in the press that a young trans girl has been found lifeless inside her apartment in Frosinone. It is important not to exclude in the investigations that it is a murder occurred due to transphobia. Italy in fact holds the sad record in Europe of murders due to transphobic hatred, and the many victims of recent years make us reflect on how much the theme of the security and isolation of trans people in our country is totally out of the interest of politics, which should represent everyone.

Once again, moreover, some press reported the news narrating it in the male, as denounced on social media by Gianmarco Capogna.

Still to ascertain many details of what happened, yet, the local press deemed it necessary immediately to focus on the victim's transsexual identity. An identity entirely narrated to men, "a trans", "a young transsexual from Paraguay". There are no certain details yet but if it were not an FtM (female to male) person, the entire narrative and the language used is completely wrong and disrespectful of the gender identity of the victim.

Even in an article the possibility of violence against the victim is defined as " homophobia " and not transphobia.

We can no longer accept that trans people are increasingly victims of others.Victims of hatred, violence and social marginalization and victims of a wrong language, full of prejudices and stereotypes but, often, also of a lack of knowledge of the issues of the world t . Specific training courses are needed, but above all a law is needed which, by filing the L.164 / 82, can truly free the trans * identities allowing their full recognition, the freedom and security they deserve.

Report added: 19 Jan 2020. Last updated: 20 Jan 2020

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