TDoR 2020 / 2020 / January / 17 / Ana Clara Lima ("Júlia Labelle")

Ana Clara Lima ("Júlia Labelle")

Age 38

17 Jan 2020
Brasília, Distrito Federal (Brazil)

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Ana Clara Lima ("Júlia Labelle")
Ana Clara Lima ("Júlia Labelle") [photo:]

Ana was stabbed in the abdomen. She died in her own car while driving to the hospital.

On Friday, around 1:30 am, a 38-year-old [trans woman] was killed in 706 Norte. Ana Clara Lima received a knife blow to the abdomen and died in her own car while driving to the hospital.

According to the PMDF, police officers in the area were approached by four [trans women] for help. According to the victims, a man reportedly stabbed two of them during a robbery.

The other [trans woman] who was injured had a cut on her arm, but is doing well.

Witnesses reported the identity of the suspect to the police. The man is known in the region as a client and is still on the run.

The day after the murder the suspect was arrested.

The accused of killing [trans woman] Ana Clara Lima , 36, at 509 Norte, was arrested this Saturday afternoon (1/18) by the Civil Police of the Federal District (PCDF). The 51-year-old man, known as Owl, fled the scene after committing the crime early on Friday morning (1/17).

Ana's Facebook profile is,821546/acusado-de-matar-transexual-na-asa-norte-e-preso-em-aguas-lindas-go.shtml,821519/video-mostra-transexual-assassinada-na-w3-ferida-e-em-busca-de-socorro.shtml,821159/suspeito-de-matar-transexual-e-identificado-ele-e-considerado-foragid.shtml,821116/travesti-e-morta-apos-levar-uma-facada-na-barriga-na-asa-norte.shtml

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