TDoR 2020 / 2020 / January / 18 / Hilary Medina ("Cristin")

Hilary Medina ("Cristin")

Age 22

18 Jan 2020
Neiva, Huila (Colombia)

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Hilary Medina ("Cristin")
Hilary Medina ("Cristin") [photo:]

Hilary was one of two people shot by two men on a motorcycle on the evening of Saturday 18th January. Her colleague survived but Hilary died in hospital.

At almost 10:00 pm on last Saturday January 18, Hilary Medina, a 22-year-old trans woman, was with another young woman from the LGBTI community on the corner of a drugstore located [at the intersection of carrera 2 with calle 6] in the center of the city of Neiva (Huila).

Everything seemed calm until two subjects who were riding a motorcycle arrived at the scene and one of them, without a word, fired indiscriminately against the two women.

The young women tried to run to save their life. Hilary dodged some bullets, ran a few meters and then collapsed. According to the authorities, she received two impacts in her back.

The brutal attack was captured by security cameras in the area. Her partner, meanwhile, was injured in the shoulder and is currently recovering in hospital.

Hilary had transitioned 5 years earlier and had a good relationship with her mother Claudia. Like far too many other trans women in Latin America, she had been forced into making a living as a sex worker.

"The discrimination we suffered was great. My daughter had a job of prostitution because she could never go to a school where she was received as the woman she felt herself to be. She could never access a decent job where they respected her [identity]. That's why many from them they choose that path, not because they want to, but because it is their turn; because there are no opportunities of any kind," Claudia said.

“The day she left, I told her daughter very carefully; because you really know that they are exposed to many things on the street and more in that trade. It is difficult for a mother to know that her daughter was murdered without knowing why, I do not really understand what happened, ”said her mother as tears moisten her face.

“My daughter's dream was to celebrate my birthday and buy me a house so I wouldn't continue paying rent. I just want to tell you something, never forget that transsexual, gay, lesbian or whatever people, are daughters, sisters, granddaughters because they have a family, and today it hurts us what they did to my daughter, because it was I who I had in my gut and I never cared what her sexual condition was, so I accepted it, ”concludes Claudia Jaramillo.

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