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Morgana Cláudia Ribeiro Paraná

Age 37

19 Jan 2020
Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil)

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Morgana Cláudia Ribeiro Paraná
Morgana Cláudia Ribeiro Paraná [photo:]

Morgana's decomposing body was found in the home where she lived on Tuesday 21st January. A crowbar was found next to her.

[Trans woman] Morgana Cláudia Ribeiro Paraná, 37, was found dead on Tuesday afternoon (21), in a house on Rua La Paz, in Vila Cerro Azul. According to the Santa Maria 24 Horas website a crowbar was found near her body.

The case is being investigated by the Homicide and Personal Protection Police Station (DPHPP).

According to the NGO Igualdade Santa Maria, Morgana's funeral started at 11 pm on Tuesday (21), in the house where she lived, at 293 Rua La Paz, in Vila Cerro Azul. The burial will take place this Wednesday (22), at 2:30 pm, in Jardim da Saudade Cemetery in the Caturrita neighborhood.

This is the fifth case of transsexual death that has occurred in the region in the past five months, the fourth in Santa Maria.

A suspect was arrested on 23rd January and indicted the following month on charges of doubly qualified homicide.

On the afternoon of Wednesday (23) the Civil Police temporarily arrested a suspect for the killing of a [trans woman] in Santa Maria, in the central region of the state. The body of the victim, Morgana Cláudia Ribeiro Paraná, was found at her home on Monday (20), around 1 pm.

In a statement to the police, the 30-year-old man claimed to have met the victim at dawn on the 19th, but claimed he had not gone home with her. He denied having committed the murder and said he was with a friend. Delegate Elisabete Shimomura discards this version. For the investigation, the suspect knew Morgana previously.

When the police found her body it was already decomposing. According to the forensic report, the cause of death was traumatic brain injury and it probably happened on Sunday (19). Due to the condition of the corpse, it was not possible to identify the circumstances of the death.

Morgana's Facebook profile is

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