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Wilianny Rosenvert

Age 26 (born 30 Jan 1994)

30 Jan 2020
San Francisco de Macrorís, Duarte (Dominican Republic)
Medical complications

Wilianny Rosenvert
Wilianny Rosenvert [photo:]

Wilianny died of respiratory failure after a cosmetic surgery procedure. Her birth family erased her identity by cutting off her breasts and hair and burying her "as a man".

Reportedly she died on her birthday.

Santo Domingo.- A young [trans woman] from San Francisco de Macorís died in a health center in the National District, after allegedly presenting a respiratory failure during a liposuction.

The victim was identified as [deadname], 26, better known as "Wilianny", a native of the community of Las Colinas of the indicated municipality, who went to the medical center to perform the procedure.

According to friends of the patient, who had already undergone several cosmetic surgeries, died in the afternoon as a result of complications during the operation. "She couldn't stand it," an unidentified young woman told

Yimbert Feliz Telemin, the President of the local LGBT community condemned the family's actions:

"It is sad and embarrassing to see how the relatives of the deceased [trans woman] will take away her breasts and hair because they are evangelical Christians, thus violating the human dignity of the deceased.

"The Dominican Republic, a country where being a [trans woman] is worse than being a dog on the street, because neither the State protects you and your relatives after death take away your breasts, hair and even put on men's clothes.

"What helplessness I have at this time and I only hope that your family pays for what they have done on earth.

"Yimbert Feliz Telemin, President Volunteer GLBT"

Wilianny's Instagram profile is

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