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Blas Mimbela del Águila

Age 26
9 Feb 2020
Villa El Salvador, Lima (Peru)

Blas Mimbela del Águila
Blas Mimbela del Águila [photo:]

Blas was stabbed several times with a piece of glass during an attempted robbery. They died in the street after walking several blocks calling for help.

In the early morning of Sunday, February 9, the lifeless body of Blas Mimbela del Águila, 26, was found at the intersection of Velasco Astete and Pachacútec avenues in the district of Villa El Salvador. The victim received several stabbings in different parts of her body by two subjects who wanted to steal her belongings. Blas Mimbela sought serene help; However, residents of the area point out that she was ignored after noticing her feminine attire.

When the robbery happened Blas Mimbela del Águila was walking around the area dressed as a woman, so it is presumed that she was a [trans woman]. The victim wanted to defend herself, but the attackers had a knife. Investigators arriving at the place found a fragment of glass.

According to neighbors, the victim walked several blocks from the scene calling for help, but when he found anyone, they only ignored her when they noticed her clothes. At the time the police arrived at the scene, Mimbela had no vital signs.

According to the victim's cousin José Luis Conde Lermo, he said that Mimbela was at that junction of calles Velasco Alvarado with Solidaridad.

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Report added: 12 Feb 2020. Last updated: 14 Feb 2020

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