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Thabata Oliveira Blus

Age 31

10 Feb 2020
Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais (Brazil)

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Thabata Oliveira Blus
Thabata Oliveira Blus [photo:]

Thabata was stabbed in the early hours of Tuesday 21st January in the Savassi neighborhood. She was treated in hospital and discharged, but died from complications two weeks later.

Family and friends seek explanations for the death of Thabata Oliveira, 31, a [trans woman] who was stabbed on Afonso Pena, in the Center-South region of Belo Horizonte, in the early hours of January 21st. The victim was hospitalized and underwent medical care. However, she felt ill about two weeks after being discharged and died of complications from treatment.

Now, the family's goal is to find out who stabbed Thabata. “We want answers, we want justice. She had a family too. We are feeling the loss very much. Thabata was a wonderful person, she never hurt anyone. Let's find out who did it,” said the [trans woman's] mother, Silvana Oliveira, 51.

Thabatha had been lucky to survive the attack on 21st January, and it is absolutely tragic that she still lost her life despite being discharged from hospital.

Even with a knife stuck in her back, Thabata managed to ask for help at a snack bar in the region, where the employees called the PM and Samu (Mobile Emergency Service). The victim told the police that a man was responsible for the attack, but did not identify the suspect.

Thabata was taken to the João XXIII Hospital, where she was admitted and was discharged on 27 January. She was instructed to stay at rest and use medication. “She was doing well and respecting medical orders. We went to the doctor on February 6 and the doctor said that her lung was already fine. In fact, she was already going out with some friends. I even warned her that she should be careful,” says Silvana.

On February 8, everything looked fine. but Thabata felt bad. “On Saturday, she left the house and said she would go around the corner. Before reaching the corner, Thabata came home calling for help. “She started vomiting blood and fell to the floor having a seizure. People were desperate and called Samu. The emergency services were slow to come and, when they arrived she was already very weak. She suffered a cardiac arrest and died in the hospital.”

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