TDoR 2020 / 2020 / February / 11 / Valera


Age 46

11 Feb 2020
Chelyabinsk (Russia)
Raped and beaten

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Valera [photo:]

Valera was raped and killed by his neighbours. His mutilated body was found in the hostel where he lived with his common-law wife and 11-year-old adopted daughter.

The disfigured body of [deadname] was discovered on February 11 in the bathroom of the hostel of the Traktorozavodsky district, the Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper reports. The publication notes that the murder occurred on the night of February 10 to 11 while the common-law wife of the janitor was at the hospital, and he was left in the dormitory alone.

That day he went to a romantic dinner with a neighbor - Alena knew that [deadname] was attracted to her. “There is such a category of women who taste better on someone else’s plate. This one is from the same breed. Inna had a man at that time,” said the civil wife of the deceased MK.

Soon after the meeting, Valera confessed to her that he had entered into an intimate relationship with a neighbor and asked for forgiveness. In the same conversation, he stated that he had revealed his actual gender to his neighbors. The next morning, Alena could not get through to the man.

“The neighboring grandmothers said that the hostel was shaking all night. They were afraid to put their nose out the door, but they heard and saw a lot. We heard inhuman screams, saw how [deadname] was pulled half dead into the street and thrown into the snow,” Alena told the“ Moscow Komsomolets”.

In the morning the man was brought back to the hostel and thrown into the bathroom. “He had been beaten, and an old Soviet TV smashed on his head. In addition to the beating, there was rape. My experts acquaintances told me right away,” the interlocutor of MK noted.

The woman believes that three people participated in the attack, but so far only one has been detained - the brother of a neighbor with whom [deadname] spent the evening.

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