TDoR 2020 / 2020 / February / 12 / Katarina Ariel Silva

Katarina Ariel Silva

Age 22

12 Feb 2020
Parque do Carmo, São Paulo (Brazil)

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Katarina Ariel Silva
Katarina Ariel Silva [photo:]

Katarina's body was found on the street in the early hours of Wednesday 12th February. She had been stabbed by a client who was subsequently arrested.

The body of a 22-year-old [trans woman] was found with several stab wounds this morning (12) in the Parque do Carmo region, in the East Zone of São Paulo.

According to information from the Civil Police, the body was found by another [trans woman] who called the Military Police.

The case was taken to the 53rd Police District (Parque do Carmo), but the murder will be investigated by the Department of Homicide and Personal Protection (DHPP).

The victim was found around 5:40 am at 1712 Rua Mateus Mendes Pereira in the Parque do Carmo region.

Witness information indicates that the [trans woman] was doing [sex work] in the region when she was approached by a man in a red vehicle, who stabbed her while trying to rob her.

Three days after her murder the police arrested the man suspected of killing her.

The police arrested at dawn on Saturday (15) the suspect of stabbing a [trans woman] in the east side of São Paulo. Images from security cameras helped the DHHP (Department of Homicide and Personal Protection) team to identify the man who, according to the police, claimed to have killed Catarina because she had no change for the fee agreed for the program.

After an investigation the police identified the man and served the temporary 30-day prison sentence ordered by the court.

Katarina had moved from Fortaleza to work in São Paulo three years ago. Her dream was to help her mother renovate her house.

The victim's brother-in-law, Lucas Magalhães said that before dying Katarina managed to fulfill part of her dream of helping the family, by renovating her mother's house. The sales supervisor also said it was inconceivable that cases like this continue to happen, mentioning [trans woman] Monike Matias Chagas, 25, found dead in the municipality of Missão Velha in the south of Ceará yesterday morning.

“She [Katerina] was mean to no-one. She came to São Paulo to make her dreams come true, to give her mother a better life. She even got part of that dream, which was to renovate part of her mother's house.

[Her death] was very painful. Everyone who knows Katarina knows that she is a docile person, a kind person, both here and there. The family is very shaken and we just ask for justice. Let the person who did this spend the rest of his life in jail. We want it to stop, that is not just another case. Yesterday, another one happened, which is Monike, and we want this not to happen anymore, not just another number.”

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