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13 Feb 2020
Sardarnagar, Ahmedabad (India)

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Mamta died after being stabbed by her partner during an argument. Ajay Nadia, 30, was subsequently arrested.

AHMEDABAD: A transgender woman named Mamta was stabbed to death by her lover Ajay Nadia, 30, of Sardarnagar, late on Tuesday night. Fearing that the killing may trigger a war between groups of [transgender people], if the accused was transgender too, senior cops rushed to the spot. But during the primary investigation it became clear that Nadia had killed her.

Hemant Patel, inspector of Sardarnagar police station said that within hours of the incident they arrested Nadia, who was also injured and admitted in a hospital. “We suspect there were two accused. We will identify the second accused as soon as Nadia is discharged,” Patel said.

Patel added that Nadia and Mamta had been living together for some time. “They were in love and Nadia had also tattooed the Mamta’s name on his forearm. However, after some time Mamta came to know that Nadia is also in love with a woman. This triggered frequent fights between Nadia and Mamta,” Patel said.

Police officials said during interrogation it came to light that Nadia used to take money from Mamta and spend it to woo the woman. This enraged Mamta.

“On Tuesday night Mamta had a fight with Nadia on the same issue. Nadia lost his temper and stabbed Mamta several times, killing Mamta on the spot. We have sent the body for postmortem,” Patel said.

Report added: 23 May 2020. Last updated: 13 Jan 2021

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