TDoR 2020 / 2020 / March / 02 / Luisa Sandoval Lemus ("Wicha")

Luisa Sandoval Lemus ("Wicha")

Age 24

2 Mar 2020
Puerto Barrios, Izabal (Guatemala)
Tortured and mutilated

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Luisa Sandoval Lemus ("Wicha")
Luisa Sandoval Lemus ("Wicha") [photo:]

Luisa's body was found on Monday 2nd March with signs of torture and genital mutilation. She had disappeared on Thursday 27th February.

Luisa Sandoval Lemus was a 24-year-old trans girl, living in the Entre RĂ­os village, in the Izabal department in the Puerto Barrios municipality, 287 kilometers from Guatemala City. She had disappeared on Thursday, February 27, and neighbors found her dead on March 2. Her body had signs of torture and genital mutilation, according to Presentes Brandy, a health promoter who visited her periodically to offer her medical services and guidance in comprehensive sexuality education (EIS).

Wicha was a humble and calm person. She was of limited resources and worked in a bar near the town.


Queens of the Night repudiate the vile murder of Luisa "Love" Sandoval Lemus. Wicha, a member of the Trans Collective of Izabal, disappeared on Thursday, February 2020, 27 and was found five days later, last Tuesday, March 02, in deplorable conditions and with signs of savagery over her body.

We send our condolences to her friends, acquaintances and family and demand from the authorities, early justice for Wicha and all trans women killed. #NosDuele #DescansaEnPaz

A month after Luisa's murder, a gay man who was helping with the investigation was also murdered.

Luis Fernando Reyes, a 26-year-old gay man, has been killed in Puerto Barrios, in the department of Izabal (Guatemala). He was shot 8 times in the morning on April 1, while attending his barber shop near his home. According to the Presentes agency, the young man was collaborating with the authorities in the investigation of the murder of Luisa Sandoval, a trans woman, which occurred in the same town.

Luis was the brother of Karla Reyes, a trans woman who was murdered by her partner in 2016.

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