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Karly Sasha Chinina Palomino

Age 33

5 Mar 2020
Ciudadela, Buenos Aires (Argentina)

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Karly Sasha Chinina Palomino
Karly Sasha Chinina Palomino [photo:]

Karly was shot in the street in the early hours of Thursday, 5th March. According to the advocacy organisation La Rosa Naranja she was killed by an extortion gang.

Karly Sasha Chinina Palomino, a 33-year-old young trans woman, was killed at dawn on March 5 in Ciudadela, province of Buenos Aires. She was a native of Peru, lived in the City of Buenos Aires and survived by offering sexual services, like many people in the transvestite-transgender group affected by structural violence.

The San Martín Prosecutor's Office number 5 intervened at the crime scene after the 911 call. Karly's body lay on Avenida Rivadavia and Granaderos, where the avenue runs parallel to the train tracks and there is a level crossing.

The results of the autopsy were not yet known but it is known that she was shot. It is estimated that Karly was murdered between 1 and 2 am on Thursday, March 5, sources from the prosecution reported to Presentes. Some people said they got to see two men running away in the area of the tracks.

Police personnel from the Ciudadela Sur police station intervened in the case. At the time of the incident, the victim carried no documentation so experts were ordered to take fingerprints. However her colleagues said without hesitation that she was Chinina.

The organization La Rosa Naranja ["Orange Rose Civil Association"] released the news through a statement published yesterday on Facebook: “The companion known as Chinina was at the Ciudadela stop with other companions in prostitution, where she was intercepted by a group of criminals, gangsters, square collectors who got out of a car with a firearm and gave 3 shots directly towards our companion, leaving her lying on the ground and lifeless, then escaped. The Trans-Transvestite community is in great pain, sadness, furious because they keep killing us! We ask and demand that all authorities investigate, that Justice be done for Chinina, and that their transvestite not be unpunished.”

Marcela Tobaldi, president of La Rosa Naranja says that Karly's murder is linked “to the mafias of human trafficking suffered by the trans and transvestite collective. They are mafias that force us to the narcotics market and force us to pay places when it shouldn't be. In this case, this girl always refused to pay and ended up with a bullet in the chest.

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