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Patsy Andrea Delgado

5 Mar 2020
Chihuahua (Mexico)

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Patsy Andrea Delgado
Patsy Andrea Delgado [photo:]

Patsy's body was found in her home with a sack of cement on her head and a bloodied hammer next to her body.

Chihuahua.- A transgender woman was found lifeless inside her home located in the Lealtad 2 neighborhood in Chihuahua.

The authorities unofficially identified the victim with the name of Patsy Andrea Delgado.

The events occurred at the intersection of calles 27 and Zubiran where she was found with a sack of cement on her head and a bloody hammer next to her body.

Family members reported that they went to look for the victim and after getting no response after knocking on the door several times, they looked into a window and saw her lifeless body.

Patsy was a stylist and an activist with Pro Trans Chihuahua.

Kendra Mitchell Vázquez, president of Pro Trans Chihuahua and a close friend of Patsy since her tender teenage days, remembers her cheerful and enterprising. Patsy loved life, used to face the daily pace of days with optimism and hard work, despite the precarious situations in which she could find himself. However, she ended up being a victim of violence and a world that pushes trans women to the narrowest corner of the room.

Patsy had many gifts, such as being a stylist. Her job was her life, to which she printed all the passion that burned in her chest. Always innovating and studying to be the best, to leave a mark and legacy of what I could do, of what it was.

As a warrior, she was a special guest at the Pro Trans Chihuahua association, where she gave a huge piece of her heart trying to watch over and protect her companions, her family.

Her home, like her body, was part of the most valuable thing she had. Never satisfied, she kept building her house, block by block, detail by detail. She was always seen with construction material and in her conversations the great plans that she had for her home surfaced, of which she was increasingly proud. She was very responsible, methodical, inclined to look after her personal image, a lover of good things, beauty products, a joker, vivacious, happy, but a victim of an intolerant and violent society, especially of a Government that does not protect trans women, being murdered on Thursday, March 5, in that palace that she raised especially for a queen like her.

Tears and pain now invade our community, dismayed by a situation that could have been avoided if the correct protection protocols existed for them. But, on the contrary, they live in a reality where they are nothing more than a vulnerable and fragile group, prey to hate crimes not only for those who raise their fists against them, but also of indolent society and a mocking and inhuman press.

Between the crying, Mitchell, on behalf of all, demands justice and promises that it is a crime that will not go unpunished, because the voice will rise and they will go against the cruel leaders and the minds that think them.

No more impunity, no more deaths of trans women, no more fear or vulnerability; We need justice, protection and respect.

Rest in peace, Patsy Andrea Delgado.

Report added: 7 Mar 2020. Last updated: 13 Jan 2021

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