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Eda Hancı

9 Mar 2020
Mersin, Ili (Turkey)
Not reported

Eda Hancı
Eda Hancı [photo:]

Eda was found dead in her home in Mersin, Ili (Turkey) on the evening of 9 Mar 2020. An autopsy is awaited but her friends suspect that she was murdered.

Eda Hancı, a woman living in Mersin, was found dead at home in the evening on March 9, 2020. Although Eda's friends suspect that she was murdered, an autopsy report is awaited for the final verdict.

According to her friends, her family did not want Eda's friends to be present during her burial and funerals and took out a confidentiality order against them.

Report added: 28 Mar 2020. Last updated: 20 Jul 2020

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