TDoR 2020 / 2020 / March / 15 / Rebeka Araújo

Rebeka Araújo

Age 31

15 Mar 2020
Embu-Guaçu, São Paulo (Brazil)

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Rebeka Araújo
Rebeka Araújo [photo:]

Rebeka's body was found in a vacant lot on the morning of Sunday 15th March. According to her father she was murdered after being followed by two men on her way to a supermarket.

The body of a 31-year-old [trans woman] was found dead on Sunday morning, the 15th, in a vacant lot [next to a drainage channel near Rua José Maria de Andrade] in the Cipó neighborhood of Embu-Guaçu. A passerby found the body and called the police.

The victim, who was wearing jeans and a patterned blouse, had a cut caused by a blow to the head. A piece of blue wood, a VR card, a bunch of home keys and a pink cell phone case were also seized at the scene.

The victim's father recognized her and reported that although her biological gender was "male", she identified herself with a female social name. He also informed that he learned from his sister-in-law that her daughter was involved in an argument on the way from one spiritist center to another.

Concerned, the father drove out looking for her and went to the second center she was going to, but he did not find her. According to him, the only information he has is that his daughter was followed by two men on her way back to Ayumi supermarket.

He knew of no enemies of his daughter who might have reason to commit the murder. The case was registered at the Embu-Guaçu police station, where a police investigation was launched for investigation.

Rebeka was identified as a result of a post to the Brazilian memorial group PGM. Her Facebook profile is

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