TDoR 2020 / 2020 / April / 04 / Rayka França

Rayka França

Age 26
4 Apr 2020
Querência, Mato Grosso (Brazil)

Rayka França
Rayka França [photo:]

Rayka was found badly injured and with bloodied stones lying nearby. She died shortly after arriving in hospital.

A 26-year-old [trans] girl was murdered in a cruel way in the early hours of this Saturday (4) in Querência (970 km from Cuiabá).

Rayka França, 26, had her face disfigured by stones. She was found at around 1:30 am by residents of the Setor F neighborhood in Querência, who heard noises and, upon leaving the house, saw a tall man with a cap and a black backpack walking alone. They went to the place where the noise had come from and, with the aid of a cell phone light, saw, a person breathing hard in the undergrowth.

A Military Police team went to the scene and found her with several injuries on the front and side of her face, but still alive. Residents said they did not see the crime, but heard it, and showed the police where the victim was. At the scene, the military also found some stones with bloodstains, which had possibly been used to cause the victim's injuries.

An emergency team from the Municipal Hospital was called, performed first aid and took the victim to the hospital. Upon arriving at the unit, however the [trans woman] suffered a respiratory arrest and died.

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Report added: 7 Apr 2020

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