TDoR 2020 / 2020 / April / 19 / Paris Ninel

Paris Ninel

Age 28

19 Apr 2020
Tuxtepec, Oaxaca (Mexico)

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Paris Ninel
Paris Ninel [photo:]

Paris and her partner Daniel were shot while eating a meal together in a local taqueria. Daniel survived, but Paris died in hospital.

TUXTEPEC, Oaxaca.- [Deadname] was a name that was practically unknown, unless they were people from her Jardines del Arroyo neighborhood, who as a child saw her change over the years into various characters in the world of [trans people], finally being known as La "Paris".

[Deadname], in social networks had been an activist since the years when Facebook was hardly known, profiles such as "Paris", "Paris Ninel", "Linet Zaens" or recently "Karime Lozano" were her property, while at the same time she was beginning her career as a stylist in a well regarded salon located in the direction of Bodega Aurrera.

At 28 years old destiny had prepared for her the most tragic experience. While she was inside a taqueria located in the direction of the Borrego in the company of her romantic partner, armed men broke into the establishment and shot them both.

Blood ran inside the business, in yet another example of the rampant violence that is experienced daily in the streets of this city. [Deadname] or La “Paris” received around six bullet wounds in various parts of her body, two of them in the head, and those are the ones that proved fatal.

She was transferred to the General Hospital, where it was reported that she had died in the early hours of the morning due to her serious injuries. Her body was transferred to the coroner where an autopsy was performed.

Report added: 22 Apr 2020. Last updated: 13 Jan 2021

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