TDoR 2020 / 2020 / April / 22 / Maria Eduarda Carla Fernandes Anselmo

Maria Eduarda Carla Fernandes Anselmo

Age 33

22 Apr 2020
Manhuaçu, Minas Gerais (Brazil)

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Maria Eduarda Carla Fernandes Anselmo
Maria Eduarda Carla Fernandes Anselmo [photo:]

Maria was shot twice by an off-duty policeman. The circumstances of the shooting are unconfirmed, but he alleges that she and another person attempted to rob him.

On Wednesday night, April 22, police teams were called to appear on Avenida Castelo Branco, Santana, where there was a firearm shooting victim.

The GEPMOR team quickly arrived at the scene and managed to contain two individuals who were in physical struggle. Soon one of them was identified as a Military Policeman and the other a 31 year old individual.

A .38 caliber revolver was collected at the site, with 4 intact and 2 used cartridges and one .22 calibre revolver broken into three parts.

Approximately 20 meters from the place where the two were found, the victim of the shooting, [deadname] Fernandes Anselmo, social name Maria Eduarda, 33, was lying on the ground. And after the arrival of the firefighters, death was found. Next to the victim was a knife, which was seized.

When interviewed by the PM, he reported that he was off duty and in civilian clothes and was driving his motorcycle around the place, when he was approached by Maria Eduarda and when he stopped the vehicle, she pulled the ignition key. After he managed to get it back, she drew a knife and the other author came running towards the policeman with a gun in his hands.

Faced with the situation, the officer drew his firearm, identified himself as a police officer, while Maria Eduarda attacked him with knife blows. He shot her twice and she fell to the ground. He claims that the perpetrator with the revolver pulled the trigger, but the gun did not fire and he attempted to hit the policeman in the head with the butt, while trying to take the weapon that the policeman was carrying.

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Report added: 11 May 2020. Last updated: 13 Jan 2021

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