TDoR 2020 / 2020 / April / 27 / Tamara Denise Morales

Tamara Denise Morales

Age 36

27 Apr 2020
Ingeniero Pablo Nogués, Buenos Aires (Argentina)

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Tamara Denise Morales
Tamara Denise Morales [photo:]

Tamara's body was found partially clothed and lying in a ditch of water, a day after she had been discharged from hospital - despite having a fever.

A 36-year-old trans woman was found this Tuesday in a ditch, semi-covered with water, in Pablo Nogués, a Malvinas Argentinas district. This is Tamara Denise Morales, who had several health problems recently.

Days before her discovery, the woman was transferred by ambulance from the house in Villa de Mayo, where she lived with her family, to the Malvinas Argentinas hospital guard. She felt ill, and they were going to perform various tests, including a coronavirus test.

She was in the hospital between 8pm and 3am, when - according to the hospital - she requested voluntary discharge and left. Her family and friends did not know more about her and on Sunday they desperately asked on the networks that if someone had seen her to communicate with them.

“The prosecution told us that just in seven days they will have the result of the autopsy, which seems very strange to us because it is true that she signed her voluntary discharge, but she was ill. She had a high fever and he was not in her right mind to leave” Roberto Morales, Tamara's brother, told

"She was found semi-nude in a ditch, and everything seems strange to us." "We do not want to venture to say anything, but it seems to us that the local hospital should not let her go, or at least notify the family of the situation," he added.

In the hospital, as was able to verify that they undertook various checks, including a Covid-19 test that was negative.

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