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Helle Jae O’Regan

Age 20

6 May 2020
San Antonio, Texas (USA)

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Helle Jae O’Regan
Helle Jae O’Regan [photo:]

Helle was stabbed in the barbershop where she worked by a man who had earlier came into the premises claiming that he wanted to book an appointment.

Transgender woman Helle Jae O'Regan has been identified as the victim of a workplace rampage that claimed her life and injured two others in San Antonio on 6th May.

20-year-old Helle was employed at Diesel Barbershop in San Antonio, Texas, where the incident took place.

According to police statements and media reports, 42-year-old Damion Campbell entered the barbershop to book an appointment whilst staff were preparing the premises to re-open, but when asked to provide payment he left the store, before returning with weapons. He was seen in surveillance video holding both a knife and a gun, and threatened the three members of staff present.

Two of Helle's fellow employees were able to escape, one without injuries whilst the other received several stab wounds. According to the police, Campbell choked Helle unconscious before stabbing her to death. Police have said that they do not believe Helle's gender played a role in her death.

Helle has been described as a proud trans woman, who embraced her identity. On the Trans Day of Visibility she posted to her Instagram account where she shared pictures of her transition. 'I wasn't going to post anything but it's #transdayofvisibility so I decided I will. I was looking at the pictures I used to take before I transitioned versus now and it made me realize I'm way happier than I used to be. I love myself now. Thank you to everyone who's ever supported me and to anyone who hasn't I hope you come around. I'm happy and proud to be myself.' The post said.

After her murder friends and colleagues set up an impromptu memorial outside the barbershop.

Luke Tyler and Harvest Barry stopped by the barbershop where O’Regan was killed to add flowers to the growing memorial. They say she was a beautiful human and kind to everyone she met.

“Every time I saw her, she smiled. She’d do anything for you,” Tyler said. “She was a caring person. I never saw her in a bad mood.”

“If he had just met her, I’m sure he wished he could take it all back. It’s just sick,” Tyler said about the murder suspect.

O’Regan’s friends say Campbell unfairly took a great human away from this world. “Being trans is so hard, and her life was hard, but she lived like it was the best day of her life every day,” Tyler said.

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