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Demétrio Campos

17 May 2020
São Paulo (Brazil)

Demétrio Campos
Demétrio Campos [photo:]

Demétrio died by suicide. He was a well known activist involved in trans and antiracist causes and was fighting depression.

Demétrio was a trans, black, peripheral man coming from a community of Rio de Janeiro, where he was threatened every day, JUST FOR EXISTING, as a black body, as a trans body, as a peripheral body, Demétrio was art, Demétrio was smiling and had a pure heart, Demétrio needed much more than help, Demétrio needed a tight hug every day and the support of a whole society that now cries!


A letter from @leandrinhadu about Demétrio. She and all Ninja send strength to friends and family.

Demétrio lit and shone for the world and went out before our eyes. If we were introduced, we never greet or spoke and it didn't even have to feel the power that his body transmitted was enough to look closely at him, Demétrio was art from the plant from feet to hair, watching him dance, with my own eyes discovered this, energy and life came out of his black skin.

The truth? The truth is that while the young man shone he begged for attention, asked for help, it was deception and my mistake, Demétrio did not escape the weight and pressure of being a trans man black

At different times, like me, he accumulated in his body several oppressions, violence and decline that the society in which we live put in our arms the clippings drastically hit his mind. Demétrio is dead, he's dead! Y ' all feel what I feel? Without knowing him I feel like we fail him, I breathe and the air doesn't come to me, I feel like we fail the people on our side, close my eyes and I feel like I avoid noticing the sadness of others. Are there people at this very moment asking for help with small gestures and we are sensitive to help, listen, be close, be present? When are we going to talk about trans people's mental health? When are we going to talk about black people's lives? When will we talk about care to the next one? Demétrio was not the last, be aware of this and Demétrio needs to be alive in our head so that we can feel this sorrow and reflect on our lives and how we are taking care of each other.


Demétrio's Facebook profile is,1302070/qual-a-relacao-entre-o-seu-preconceito-e-o-suicidio-de-pessoas-trans.shtml

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