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Name Unknown

20 May 2020
Itabuna, Bahia (Brazil)
Shot and run over

Name Unknown
Name Unknown [photo:]

The victim's body was found near the BR-101 highway. Evidence suggests that she was murdered by a client.

On the morning of this Wednesday (5/20), a team from the Technical Police Department of Itabuna was called in to proceed with expertise and removal of the body of a transvestite, brutally murdered on the margins of BR-101, in the vicinity of Posto Atalaia, in Itabuna.

The body still had a condom on the genital area, indicating that the victim may have been murdered during sexual intercourse. The Military Police isolated the crime area until the arrival of the Technical Police, coordinated by the expert Messias Malheiros.

The victim has not yet been identified. However, about 50m from where the body was, the police found a helmet numbered 273, a pouch containing tools, a cell phone and personal documents in the name of [deadname] de Souza.

The victim's body had a firearm shot in the neck area, and according to experts, it may have been dragged under a vehicle, perhaps to make it appear to be a hit and run. The Civil Police are investigating the case.

This is the second crime of homicide against a [trans woman] in Itabuna this month. The police are investigating the connection between the two crimes. The body of [deadname] dos Santos, 42, was found with gunshot wounds under a viaduct, in the neighborhood Nossa Senhora das Gra├žas, in Itabuna last Sunday (10).

[Editor's Note: The identity papers and a cell phone found nearby suggest that the victim's name might be L. J. de Souza, but this has not been confirmed. The photo above was sourced from one of the reports and may be from the retrieved phone - but equally well may just be one of another trans woman that the author of the report used to illustrate the article.],corpo-de-travesti-e-encontrado-embaixo-de-caminhao-em-itabuna.html

Report added: 14 Jun 2020. Last updated: 20 Jul 2020

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