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Pilar Albarracín

Age 30

20 May 2020
Chivilcoy, Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Pilar Albarracín
Pilar Albarracín [photo:]

Pilar died by suicide. The Argentine lockdown meant that she was unable to work during the COVID-19 pandemic and she was receiving no help from the authorities.

There is deep dismay in the LGBT community (Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transgender) of our city - of which she was an active militant - at the death of Pilar Albarracín, who was 30 years old.

The young woman took her life this Wednesday, May 20, at her home on Calle 11 Nº 260, in Chivilcoy. Her body was found hanging from a tree in the courtyard of the property.

Pilar Albarracín was also a member of the Argentine Association of Transvestites, Transsexuals and Transgenders (ATTTA).

A deep depression, a consequence of the marginal treatment to which she was subjected, were among the reasons that led her to make the drastic decision.

Trans people in Chivilcoy and elsewhere expressed their dismay at her death, blaming the economic problems she was enduring.

Condolences were sent from various points in Argentina, as well as complaints about the social situation this community is enduring, which is aggravated by the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

Victoria Ocampo, reference of the Association of Transsexual and Transgender Transvestites of Argentina (ATTTA), said this on social networks:

"We want to express our pain for the loss of comrade Pilar, it was not an unexpected death, our organization got tired of screaming that this was going to happen, in the blessed meetings of the advisory council for the implementation of the labor quota for trans people and that never we could get to nothing ”.

“Compañeras did enter, yes, but for [help for] Pilar we asked a thousand times, seeing how they were killing compañeras from other provinces. Pilar did not kill herself, Pilar was killed by everyone and those who had the power of decision, she cried out for a registered job, they never gave it to her, she cried out for an opportunity without knowing if she was going to be able to hold it, but she would be responsible if she did not. She managed, shouting she asked and asked again and again but no one listened to us, no one listened to her and she got tired, in this quarantine that grabbed us without notice to anyone, but that left our trans comrades in a state of absolute abandonment. Pilar did not kill Pilar. Those who had the power to decide to help her killed her when they did not do so. ”

"May Pilar Albarracín rest, our city is in mourning, overwhelming but supportive and with a heart of gold, when she began to tell her story in the first person we all ended up crying and that was the true Pilar, the rest was all a facade, Always in our hearts".

Exclusion kills

Pilar Albarracín was a trans woman, she was from our city, Chivilcoy, she was just 30 years old and a life ahead.

Her passing explains that transgender people have a more urgent need for employment than cisgender (non transgender) people. While all and all have the right to one, for them and they may become a matter of life or death, as in this case.

To be able to work is to have the possibility of an economic sustenance but also a routine, colleagues and co-workers, a social work and a retirement in the future.

Chivilcoy will be inclusive when the cashier at the supermarket, the municipal employee, the bank employee, your doctor, the clothing store vendor, to cite some examples, are trans people. Not giving someone a chance to work for the mere fact of being who they are, kills.

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