TDoR 2020 / 2020 / May / 24 / Karlota


24 May 2020
Bello Horizonte, Managua (Nicaragua)
Run over

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Karlota was killed by a hit and run driver.

A young transsexual [woman] known only as "Karlota" lost her life after being hit by a taxi this Sunday morning at the Tope Sur in Bello Horizonte, half a block north, in the city of Managua.

Our reporter Danny Vega reported that the young woman was walking along the street and when she stopped to urinate, she was run over by the taxi driver, who was driving at speed and presumed to be drunk.

Acquaintances said that the Karlota was hit near the El PilĂ­n bar; her body was lying on the road upside with her brain exposed. The deceased was white, thin, and at the moment of death she wore a white shirt, blue jeans and sports shoes.

Taxi drivers passing through the area failed to catch the homicidal taxi driver who fled, however one of them managed to record footage of the vehicle that fatally ran over the young transsexual [woman].

Karlota's body was transferred to the Institute of Legal Medicine, where she is expected to be identified by his relatives.

Report added: 14 Jun 2020. Last updated: 13 Jan 2021

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