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Fernanda Antelo

31 May 2020
Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Bolivia)
Clinical neglect

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Fernanda Antelo

Fernanda was a homeless, HIV+ sex worker who died after 3 days attempting to get medical attention from various health centres who all refused to treat her.

Fernanda Antelo was the name she used on the streets, a place where many trans people find their livelyhood, who suffer discrimination and lack of decent access to education from their early youth.

She was evicted from the place she was renting and when she was left in the Lazareto center on Tuesday, she remained almost one day waiting for medical attention, according to Muriel Arteaga, the trans activist who tried to help her.

Later, she was taken to her home, with some relatives, by Plan 3,000 and then to the Pueblo Nuevo center. There, they were told that she was putting staff and even those trying to help her at risk.

With an order for the San Juan de Dios hospital, they got into a taxi. In that center, they told her that they could not attend her. It was Friday and they had to return to the relatives' house. On Saturday, exhausted and weak, she died while her friends were looking for someone to attend to her.

This population is culturally and economically vulnerable, explains activist Álvaro Chuvé. His human rights are violated and he considers that he is the most affected of the entire lgbt + community.

Chuvé says she was discriminated against five times: For being a woman, trans, poor, for having an illness and for being a sex worker. Activist Alex Bernabé says an investigation will be requested from the Ombudsman's Office. They hope that this institution manifests itself so that, despite being overwhelmed, the health system serves this population.

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